Robin Lindsey





About Me

I am The Flower Lady. I grow my flowers on 3.3 acres on the Chesapeake/Portsmouth border of Virginia without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. When I am not coaxing blooms out of the ground and into vases, I love to create soaps, lotions, and all manner of balms out of plant based oils, essential oils, and local beeswax.

My first flower related memory is collecting marigold seeds out of my Mother's garden at my childhood home in Colorado. I remember placing them in a Folger's coffee can that would overwinter in our kitchen or basement. It was so hard to believe that those little dried up slivers would become plants and later flowers, until I witnessed it myself. I can tell you after that first Spring I never looked at that Folger's can the same. It seemed like that big red can was full of the most amazing magic and potential. My next plant experiences came thanks to my Grandmothers, basil under shop lights with one, and puttering around a backyard greenhouse with the other.

I planted the first garden of my own in the Spring of 2008. As a new mother I wanted something to do while my kids were playing outside. About a year later, I brought a small bouquet to the owner of our favorite local coffee shop, and she convinced me to bring my flowers to our new weekly farmers market. With the love and support first from my family, and later from my wonderful customers I have grown both as a person and as a business.