-Why Local Flowers-

Freshness - Cut within hours of purchase.

Vase life - Flower Lady bouquets last at least 7 days.

Variety - Very few flowers tolerate refrigeration and shipping well, which is why you generally see the same cookie cutter arrangements coming from traditional florists using flowers from abroad.

Fragrance - Most commercially grown flowers have been bred for stem length, stem strength, and uniformity, not fragrance.

Support pollinators, birds, and other wildlife - Healthy farms that contain a diversity of plants become habitat for so many creatures!

Eco-Friendly - Shipping flowers from abroad leaves an enormous carbon footprint! Aside from the obvious transportation cost, refrigeration, storage, and the insane amount of packaging factors in as well. Each Flower Lady bouquet comes in either a sturdy and reusable mason jar or wrapped in recycled paper. The farthest farmers market I participate in is less than 20 miles from the farm.

Non-Toxic - Commodity type flowers shipped from the far flung corners of the world are covered with whatever is sprayed on them; to include chemical pesticides and fungicides.