—  Skin Care  —

Everything that goes into a Flower Lady product has a distinct purpose. The ingredients I use are meant to cleanse, nourish, and revitalize your skin. My products contain no fillers, texturizers, emulsifiers, or preservatives. I am proud to provide 100% natural body care. 

— Garden Inspired —


Calling my line of body care "garden inspired" is not just a cute way of saying I have lavender or mint soap. I mean "garden inspired" in the most literal sense. My experiences in the garden have driven me to create all natural formulations that contain high quality plant materials. I honor those plant materials by maintaining their integrity, nutritional value, and healing properties with minimal processing.

Organic cold pressed oils

Cold pressing preserves all of the vital benefits of the plants used to make the oils. I source only sustainably produced oils from reputable fair trade companies.

Organic Essential Oils

As a grower using organic practices, essential oils are near and dear to my heart. The process of making essential oils requires thousands of pounds of plant materials. I source only organic and sustainably produced essential oils from reputable companies. I know the country the plant material was produced, the method of extraction, and part of the plant that was used to create the essential oil.

Organic Nut Butters

Expeller produced nut butters lend a rich, creamy texture to my body butters, soaps and lip balms. I source only organic and fair trade butters from reputable companies.

Local Beeswax

Beeswax is an exquisite substance produced by worker honey bees. This is one of three non plant materials I use in my products. Beeswax offers a multitude of benefits! It forms a superior breathable barrier, that offers anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. I source my beeswax from our honey vendor at the farmers market.


Dried herbs and flowers grown by me added to soaps and various infusions.


— Where To Buy —

Olde Towne Portsmouth Farmers Market

Hampton Boulevard Farmers Market

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